• Character from the The Crysis 2 shooting a machine gun
  • Character from the The Crysis 2 shooting a machine gun
  • Character from the The Crysis 2 shooting a machine gun
Posted by faxtarus on 2017/11/17 15:20:00 (21 reads)

The zones of respawn answer certain criteria and fundamental. So I am going to try hard to create the ideal comment which will will answer at best in your wait to manage better the administration and standardize it better.
Posted by Oblivion on 2017/9/17 9:27:56 (39 reads)

After spending time banning spammers from Russia, I finally decided to completely ban
all emails in *.ru$ format.
If you know a player wanting to register with this type of email address, let me know.
I will see how to let him register on our forum.

Posted by faxtarus on 2017/9/4 17:20:00 (19 reads)

11/09/2017: Update ADMINS

04/09/2017: Update SPUNKYBOT Commands and Admins.

Posted by Oblivion on 2017/6/8 17:00:00 (101 reads)
The Administration Team is proud to welcome all of you on our new Website.

It is completely new and use an other engine, we expect to do something different you will enjoy to use.
We also use now secure connection with ssl certificate. This give us a little more work but we were
proud to give you this possibility.

As it is completly new, you should find some bugs, don't hesitate to drop a message to one of us.
We will try to fix it as soon as possible and as soon as some administrator have time to do it

We had absolutely no chance to have a copy of the old forum, so every thing is empty in our new one.
We hope that you will fill it with new threads quickly

If you have any question, ask us here. We will check what we can do and let you know our decision.

Enjoy our new web site and, one more time, welcome here.

From FAX: I am anxious to thank Oblivion for the work made for this new forum. He made everything.
Still one thank you my friend